Live Shows


Contact Yes Men here.

Come and join us on 30th November for some live bands and DJ's 'til late.
Line up includes:

Foreign Dubbers

With heavy influences from the European Dub scene, Foreign Dubbers are a hybrid between Dub and Rock music. Their sound is a mixture of organics and electronics; recording real instruments live routed through a mixer with analog effects added in real-time to create their unique electrodub sound. Hailing from Brescia (Italy) these guys are coming to play their 2nd UK show with us.

Nuke On Route

4 piece DIY punk band brewed from the streets of Deptford, South East London. These local favorites have been smashing gigs around town for close to 10 years!

Full Metal Cabbage

Zac Muggleton AKA Full Metal a 1 man kazoo/ukulele powerhouse. Expect singalongs to your favourite UKG and Eurodance classics.


Experimental rap and bedroom hardcore from Northamptonshire. insane racket. Not to be missed!

Yes Men

Blues tinged grunge duo. These guys have been around for years melting faces. Stripped back and heavy as fuck!

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